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Panasonic developed 3.5mm Ultra HD standard LCD screen

classify:Information author: source: Release time:2023-03-28 11:50:56

Recently, Panasonic of Japan announced that the company has successfully developed a 20.4-inch LCD screen with 4K x 2K resolution (3840 * 2160). Its body thickness is only 3.5mm, which is known as the smallest and Thinnest LCD screen in the world, and its resolution far exceeds 1080p Full HD standard.

It is noted that this LCD screen mainly uses IPS Pro wide view technology in the development of plasma TV screen, realizing the highest definition of 216 pixels per inch screen in the world.

At present, many panel manufacturers around the world have launched 4K × 2K LCD screens, but Panasonic is the first to make such a small screen with such a high resolution. Panasonic officials said that the screen will be promoted to home TVs and medical fields that need high-definition images.

It is understood that Panasonic has displayed the display at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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