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Looking at the future development of TV technology from CES

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CES has always been known as the wind vane of industry development. The development direction of consumer electronics industry in the next year can be found from the CES at the beginning of the year. What does ces2012 bring to the TV industry? Who will control the lifeline of the TV industry in the next year? Three days is enough to find the answer.

The homogenization of the development of TV industry has become an indisputable reality. Originally, we thought that the industrial development in 2012 would not escape from the circle of 3D and intelligence, but ces2012 gave us a surprise: Intelligence no longer only focused on platform construction, but turned to manipulation experience; it giants entered into intelligent TV without being bound by tradition, and built a unique product system; it giants entered into intelligent TV without being bound by tradition; OLED is no longer in theory, and large-scale products can be mass produced; 1080p is no longer the highest configuration, and 4K resolution ultra-clear will play a big role in 2012. From ces2012, we can see the positive efforts of TV manufacturers, the bright sunshine of the TV industry, the continuous emergence of new products, new technologies and new ideas, and we will see the development of "them" in 2012.

When entering CES, two major events have attracted the most attention. One is Samsung's release of the latest fifth generation smart TV; the other is Lenovo's release of idea TV. Samsung is the first company to launch smart TV, and it has always represented the development direction of smart TV. The launch of touch, voice and motion sensing will be the pioneer in the entrepreneurial world, and it will become the 2012 TV product R & D template. The reason why Lenovo has attracted the attention of TV industry is idea TV According to the announcement of "four screens and one cloud", Lenovo has officially entered the TV industry. What Lenovo can bring to the TV industry based on the strategic layout of "four screens and one cloud" arouses curiosity.

Change will become the theme of the TV industry in 2012. The TV screen will become thinner, the intelligent TV will become more human, the 3D display will become more comfortable, the picture display will become clearer, and the color gamut performance will become wider. This is the 2012 of TV, not the end, but the beginning.

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