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TD-LTE baseband modem sc9610 released by Spreadtrum

classify:Information author: source: Release time:2023-03-28 11:51:54

As one of the leading core chip suppliers of 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication terminals in China, Spreadtrum communications, Inc. recently released its first TD-LTE baseband modem sc9610. Based on 40 nm CMOS technology, sc9610 integrates multi-mode communication standards in a single chip, including multi band TD-LTE / TD-SCDMA and four band edge / GSM / GPRS. Sc9610 expands the product line of Spreadtrum to 4G standard. At present, it has provided customers with samples for evaluation of high-end smart phones and data cards.

"Our single chip multi-mode TD-LTE solution is a highly integrated platform, specially designed for China's communication standards," said Dr. Li Liyou, chairman and CEO of Spreadtrum Communications Co., Ltd. "as China Mobile increases its domestic testing, Spreadtrum has launched TD-LTE solution. The user experience of our TD-SCDMA products and our leading position in the early stage of China's evolution to 4G communication standards make Spreadtrum a long-term leading supplier of multi-mode baseband solutions. "

TD-LTE, or "time division long term evolution", is a 4G standard adopted by China Mobile, evolved from 3G TD-SCDMA. China Mobile is the largest mobile operator in China, with 640 million users. By the end of 2011, 3G mobile users will reach 50 million. China Mobile has started TD-LTE network construction and testing in China. This investment will continue until the Chinese government officially issues the commercial license. The Chinese government requires TD-LTE mobile phones to be downward compatible with TD-SCDMA. The leading position of Spreadtrum in TD-SCDMA market and its mature TD-SCDMA / edge / GPRS / GSM multi-mode technology ensure the excellent performance of its products in TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE, and the single-chip multi-mode design achieves better seamless handover experience than multi-chip solutions.

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